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What is Cloud-Lab

Cloud-lab is a place to collaborate by sharing Projects, Equipment, Tools and pool resources amongst a community of like minded individuals like yourself.

Cloud-Lab is a free-to-use service.


Register an Account

If you are not signed in, you can see in the top right corner on the cloud-lab website a "Register" button, click on it and fill in all relevant information to be able to complete the registration.

In short, the answer is No, not until you’ve confirmed your account.

When you register, you will receive a confirmation by email, if you do not click on the confirmation link in the email, you will only be able to browse the site until you confirm your account.
After successfully completing the registration, cloud-lab will send a registration confirmation e-mail to your registered email address. The account must be activated through registration confirmation link to complete the registration. As shown below:

• sometimes the activation email may be classified as spam, please check the "spam" or “trash” folder.
• Wait a few minutes and then check the mailbox. If after 10 minutes you did not receive a confirmation letter, then return to the registration page on Cloud-Lab and apply again (pictured).
• still didn’t work? If you have made a spelling error when registering. You can send an email to , tell us which address you registered and we'll help you resolve the issue.
Find the original confirmation e-mail in your inbox, then follow through with the confirmation link once again.

Log In

Your login username is your email address you registered on the site with, such as:
Login mailbox temporarily can not be modified.

Login password can be modified. Login to Cloud-Lab, click on your username at the top right of the page, then click on the "Change Password" in the page, you can modify the password.
"Your username" position of the legend:

On the login page, click "forgot password" link, the system will prompt you for password reset.
Send us an email to , try to be as specific as you can include if possible: last login password, last login time, last login IP address, other email accounts you might have used.

Account Setting

After logging in, click on your username at the top right of the page, enter "Edit Profile". Fill out the information submitted. As shown below:

See "How to Modify My Profile? After logging in, click on your username at the top right of the page, enter "Edit Profile". Click on the Upload Avatar at my avatar, upload, modify.


Build a New Lab

A Lab, or “Laboratory”, is an interest group, allowing you to group all relevant information to that Lab, you may share information between other Labs you have created, its great for separating groups of people that might not share the same interests.
After logging in, go to the Lab page, on the left sidebar, click Build a New Lab.

Without building / adding a Lab you can still upload and share tools, but you will not be able to create a project or page on one until you do.

Local Lab

You can build a lab for your local lab. You can build any number of local laboratory.

Be concise, build and share only what you’re good at, and the real value of the laboratory is the goal.
the new member must first apply to join the Lab, only then can you add them or refuse them.

You can see the status of the applicants on the left side of the page, the sidebar inside your Lab, as shown below:

Blue represents pending

Red means you’ve rejected

Green represents that they have successfully been added

Click on the top right of the page on the red user bar "cloud" icon:

 Select "local Lab", you can view the specific status of each application. Follow the prompts to add or deny a new member. As shown below:

You may reject each application with a reason.
Yes! You can delete the local Lab. But before deleting you need to remove all items in the laboratory including projects. You have the permission, but we recommend communicating to the other lab members first.

Please Note! Once you delete, it’s gone forever!


If you are interested in a Lab, you can apply to add it to your Cloud Lab. With your Cloud Labs you can share tools, create projects, report updates, just as in your local Lab.

After logging in, click into the Lab page you are interested in, on the left sidebar, click "Add to my Cloud-Lab.

The system will go to add Cloud-Lab confirmation page, you will need to fill in an application, upon posting the Lab owner will be notified to approve or deny your application. 

The lab page will display a notice "My Cloud-Lab request is under verifying...". After authentication, this laboratory will appear in your cloud Laboratory.

On the Sidebar in the lab, click on the "Add tools to this Cloud-Lab" or "Remove tools from this Cloud-Lab."

Once saved, the tools can be successfully added to your Cloud-Lab. As shown:

On the Sidebar in the lab on the left side of the page, click on the "Create a New Project”.
Yes! You can remove the any added Cloud-Labs, This action will remove all the tools to add to your lab in this cloud, but the tool itself will not be deleted.


Upload a New Tool

After logging in, on the left side of the browser page, click on the "Upload a new tool”, fill in the relevant information and you will be able to upload your tool.

Local Tool

Tools you upload are local tools.
Click on the top right "cloud" icon:

Select "Local Tool”, here you can view other peoples tools that have been added to the lab. Follow the on screen prompts. As shown below:


For any tools shared by others, you can apply to add it as your Cloud-Tool.

With the consent of the owner, you can share each other's tools.
After logging in, click on the Tools page, select the tools you are interested in, which is located on the left sidebar, click "Add to my Cloud-Tool”.

Select the "Start Time" and "End Time" - follow the online application. As shown below:

Click on the top right of the page "Cloud" icon:

Select "Cloud-Lab", you can view the status of each application. Follow the prompts to add, refuse or remove a member. As shown below:

On this page, you can also withdraw the application or remove the cloud tools.


Create a New Project

A project is the best way to document your current piece, it serves for testing, building and sharing. The project can be as long as needed.
After logging in, on the left sidebar on the project list page, click on the "Create a New Project", and fill in the relevant information.

For one-time items that have a specific availability or one time events, you need to fill in the scheduled time.

If it’s a long-term project, such as the production of a product, you need to fill in the progress of the project. \

You may also need to regularly update the product.

If it is a one-time project, and your scheduled time has ended, it will show "Finished". You can change the scheduled time according to your activity.

If it is a long-term project, you should regularly update the project progress. A "Success" status will be displayed when the progress bar reaches 100%.

Involved in the Project

The Project Lab members involved in the project. The list of participants can be found on the left side of the project page as shown below:

You first need to be a member of the project lab. If you have written at least one page, you will automatically become a participant of this project.
Once you are involved in a project, the tools you have added to project lab will automatically appear in the project tool area.

Update or Delete Project

Yes! You can update, delete any project you have created! Before you delete you’ll need to delete all of the project pages. You’ll have permission to do so, however we recommend advance communication with the authors of the pages.

Note! With great power comes great responsibility, Delete cannot be restored!
Only you can update your project.

Project Lab Creator can also delete your projects, but shall not be entitled to update.


Write a New Page

Update Project participants about the project reports, status, ideas, plans, records, etc., these have become the project pages.

Each member of the lab can write a page.
After logging in, on the left side of project details page, click on the "Write a New Page”, fill in the relevant information.

Attention! You can not write a page without a project.

Page Tools

Your written report page lists the tools that you add in this lab. As shown below:

These do NOT need to be manually added. When you write a page, the page tools are automatically added. Unless you remove these laboratory tools.

Update or Delete Page


Note! With great power comes great responsibility, Delete can not be restored!
Only you can update your report.

The creator of Project Laboratory and the project initiator can also delete your page, but shall not be entitled to update.